Food. Culture. Ancestors.

With Darla Antoine

The Blueprint Cycles

The standard productivity blueprint that the modern world operates from is based on the circadian rhythm. This is important to understand because the blueprint for the workday, for example, works really well for men and can really mess with women. Why? Because while women have a circadian rhythm, they are ruled by their hormonal cycle, which is more aligned with the moon. This lunar rhythm resets every 28 days while the circadian rhythm (men's dominate rhythm) resets every 24 hours. However, once you learn how to locate and harness where you are in your lunar cycle, you're primed to actually get more done, with more ease. This class will teach you how.
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Spiritual Cleansing & Protection

Everything you need to know to begin the basics of an at-home spiritual hygiene and protection practice for you, your home and your family.
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Meaningful Meals For The Holidays

'Tis the season! Join this on-demand class and learn how: -- food connects us to one another across space and time -- to uncover the untold story behind special family dishes -- to share this significance with your family overtly or covertly (muggles . . . amiright?) -- host or steer a family gathering to focus on meaningful connection over drama or differences -- to initiate genealogical questions with your elders without being nosey -- and more! Includes video and audio replay, workbook questions, tips, notes and select bonus material.
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An Evening With The Ancestors

What You'll Learn: --The history, lore and spiritual significance of October 31st-November 2nd --Why the veil between the worlds is thinner and what to do about it --How to honor your dead with different food rituals this season --How to host a dumb supper --How to use a spirit plate or spirit chair --A simple dream divination to ask for guidance while the veil is thin --Candle gazing and candle divination to create liminal space for guidance (plus it's fun!) What's Included: -- The 1.25 hour video replay -- The audio version of the replay -- The transcript -- A 19-page workbook and notebook with all the juicy info and nitty gritty on the divination how-to's
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The Ancestral Discovery & Reverence Course

From Genealogy Tips to An Ancestral Altar: Everything You Need To Begin Connecting With And Honoring Your Lineage. From
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